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What is Leafwa?

  Leafwa is a simple web-based administration package for the Leafnode NNTP server, written in PHP and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This project is a revival of the original Leafwa scripts by Phil Hunt, and aims to add features and improve security.
  Leafnode is a small Usenet NNTP server designed for small sites running any flavour of Unix, with a few tens of readers and only a slow link to the net ("leaf nodes").


Leafwa currently allows the user to view which newsgroups Leafnode is reading news from; to manually subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsgroups; and to view and edit the list of unsent messages waiting to be uploaded to the remote news server. If you are running Leafnode 2.x, Leafwa also allows you to maintain Leafnode's local newsgroups.

Additional features are planned for the future. See the TODO file in the Leafwa distribution for details of possible enhancements.

Some Leafwa screens:

  1. Main screen
  2. News queue
  3. Viewing a message in the queue
  4. Managing subscriptions


To use Leafwa, you will require:

If you run a modern Linux distribution, it is likely that many or all of these packages will be installed already. Users of other operating systems may need to obtain them.

Note that Leafwa will NOT run on Win32 platforms.

Project status

This project has recently been revived. The current maintainer was frustrated that various functions were not working with newer releases of Leafnode, and fixed them for his own use. At the very least, it should now be more secure than the last release (0.6.1), and have much cleaner code.

However, the current release has had NO TESTING with the 2.x branch of Leafnode. The local newsgroups functionality has not been touched since the previous version.

DISCLAIMER: Leafwa is currently in an ALPHA state. 
Please be aware of this before attempting to run it in 
production or mission-critical environments. It may 
destroy your NNTP server configuration or data files 
- you have been warned.

I use Leafwa on a daily basis, with no ill-effects so far. Your mileage may vary...


Current version: 0.7.0a1-ap

Major changes in this release:

* renamed and reorganised most files
* fixed the broken message editing feature
* fixed parsing of newsq output for 1.9.27+
* converted graphics to PNG, cleaned up UI, moved to CSS
* updated Installation instructions to cover security issues
* added default .htaccess file

Tarballs are available from the SourceForge Project File Releases page.

Please read the files docs/README and helpinstall.html after extracting the Leafwa files from the tarball.

Useful URLs

Leafwa is currently maintained by: Andy Piper Project hosted by SourceForge Logo